A custom small kitchen layout & design with lots of storage space

With this small kitchen layout, it might be tiny, but it has an abundant storage option ideas, like above and below bench cabinets and drawers, means the small space is comfortable to keep clean, neat and mess-free. This small kitchen design has used a modern colour palette, white and blue paired with a white benchtop which makes the space feel open, simple and timeless.

A modern small apartment kitchen

With this small apartment kitchen, it is perfect for small-space living due to its compact style, the appliances are built-in, and the finishes are modern, smart and straightforward. It is keeping small spaces free of clutter to make it seem more spacious visual appeal.

A kitchen design for a (very) small space

Because you have a minimal amount of space doesn’t mean your kitchen can be functional and practical. It’s essential that in kitchen design for a small space, Carefully measure every inch so that appliance doors don’t hit other appliances, benchtops or your cabinet doors when opened. Try to integrate as many appliances as possible into the cabinetry to maximise floor space and reduce clutter.

Here in the article you will find 3 kitchen designs for small kitchens 

A small kitchen design idea with luxury vibe

A way to solve a small-space problem is by filling the walls with floor-to-ceiling- cabinets similar to these full height cabinets and adding some wire baskets within the cabinet. With this timber flooring, stainless steel appliances, benchtop and splashback and all-white cabinetry this kitchen gives off a luxury vibe.

A modern one-wall small kitchen design idea

Look how easy it is to fit a small kitchen idea on to one wall if you plan it out correctly. Include custom cabinetry built that will accommodate your small kitchen layout and keep the colour palette simple? For extra texture use modern veneer look melamine for your overhead doors, tiles for your splashback and take them overhead cabinets almost to the ceiling.

Small kitchen layout for apartment style living

Renovating your apartment means squeezing every inch of space into your design, without compromise on style or sacrificing on what you desire. This kitchen may be small, with the fridge built along the back wall, the wall cabinets go-to-ceiling maximising storage and the glossy white cabinetry paired with a melamine wood grain works wonders in an otherwise small pace.

A low cost small kitchen design idea

If you don’t have the budget for an expansive kitchen and need a small kitchen design that is practical and won’t date here it is, you can’t go past this a white & brown timber grain melamine kitchen with stainless steel appliances and accessories. Hills Kitchen Renovations melamine range provide kitchen renovations at affordable prices and cater to this small kitchen design well, we custom design our kitchens to achieve the best bang for your buck.

Small kitchen handle design idea

Handleless kitchen drawer ideas are fast becoming the most popular option for those who want a seamless, minimalist look for their kitchen renovations. Homebuyers love the clean and effortless appeal of minimalist joinery. Here are some ways to achieve the handleless look in your kitchen design, and we’ve rounded them up for you.

Actual handleless cabinets have continuous rails built-in that sit behind each door and drawer front, creating a space that allows you to grip it comfortably. The constant rail means cabinet doors remain uninterrupted, sitting flush with the rest of the joinery. Another option is having the finger pull rebated into the top edge of the door.

Small kitchen splashback ideas

Investing in durable splashback is a great way to extend the life of your kitchen and add style/functionality to your kitchen. As a room, exposed to water, cooking, oils and chemicals, it’s essential that your kitchen protected from any event, and by choosing the right splashbacks this will play a vital role in the lifespan your kitchen.

If you want a clean, modern and consistent feel in your kitchen, choose colours that work in harmony to your benchtop and cabinet doors, as this will bring the whole design together. Splashbacks are a great way to accentuate your home colour scheme and can be used to add flair to any plan.

Small kitchen benchtop ideas

Investing in durable benchtop is as important as the splashback it is a great way to extend the life of your kitchen and add style/functionality to your kitchen. By choosing the right benchtop this will play a vital role in the lifespan your kitchen.

If you want a clean, modern and consistent feel in your kitchen, choose colours that work in harmony to your splashback and floors, as this will bring the whole design together.

What is the average cost of small kitchen remodel?

According to this article, the Average cost of small kitchen remodel in 2020, the average spend on a kitchen small to medium size kitchen is around $15,000.

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