Housing prices in Australia are some of the most expansive in the world. As a result of that, the size of the properties Australians is now purchasing is much smaller. For us to adapt to these more modest homes, every room will need increasing to work to its highest and best use.

Every room in the house needs maximum storage, we at Hills Kitchen Renovations specialise in maximising floor space, the floor areas need to be functional, and the design of every room needs to be practical. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and this is no exception. These 3 kitchen designs for small kitchens will help achieve this. 

At first look, it may seem that your small kitchen limits the design options, but that will not be the case when hiring an expert like Hills Kitchen Renovations.

Kitchen designs for small kitchens need to be smart, professionally designed, well-thought-out visually and financially add value to the home. Small kitchen layouts need to be carefully arranged, operational and practical.

What is the average cost of small kitchen remodel?

According to this article, the Average cost of small kitchen remodel in 2020, the average spend on a kitchen small to medium size kitchen is around $15,000.

What you need to consider about small kitchen floor plans and design layouts

When your working with a small kitchen layout, people want to know how to increase the space best to ensure its functionality works, looks appealing and of course, works for me, Getting the floor plan right is a must.

Make sure you layout your small kitchen design into the space you are working with, not what you dream it could be. As the old saying goes less is more, especially if you are working with a small kitchen design.

Incorporating your everyday appliances into your space is a crucial consideration, custom-built appliance cabinet are a great way to achieve maximum space in your small kitchen design. Having your appliances stacked on top of each other gives you a compact and functional feel.

Here in the article you will find 10 of the best small kitchen layouts & design ideas

Today trends in small kitchen design ideas?

Cabinets are the main items of the top three new kitchen features property owners renovated in their kitchens, and the main reason for updating kitchen cabinets was to make better use of their floor plan.

This reveals that property owners with small kitchens are looking to increase their space and use it better. Hills Kitchen Renovations director, Ryan, says that minimal features, stone and polyurethane designs are in trend. Durable laminate finishes offer stone-look, wood-grain and veneer-look options that can provide a low cost-friendly and in-trend solution to add visual appeal to any small kitchen design.  

Cleaver storage options and bright colours are two other trends Ryan has seen growth in the last year. The designing of cabinets in smarter ways can create an ultra-modern design layout without compromising on your floor plan.  

These can incorporate smart storage with internal cabinets, Items like pull-out baskets and wire baskets, says Ryan. Grey, vibrant blues and greens are making their way into our small kitchen designs.

When it comes to designing and renovating your small kitchen, it is important to use qualified, experienced & licensed professional like Hills Kitchen Renovations. This can be the difference between increasing the value of your home and making your home worth less than before you had even started your kitchen renovations. Here are some excellent small kitchen design ideas, suggestions and items for you to consider before starting a kitchen design for small kitchens.

Small kitchen design musts 

Consider working with an expert like Hills Kitchen Renovations. Undoubtedly the kitchen is the heart of a home don’t risk getting it wrong. Small kitchen designs must be functional and work in harmony with your lifestyle and with the rest of your home without having a negative effect.

Hills Kitchen Renovations can help you custom design a space that will not only improve functionality; it will enhance the value of your home, no matter how compact your kitchen is. Professional kitchen designers like Hills Kitchen Renovations will be able to design the best layout while increasing the value of your home, and incorporating your lifestyle and living conditions, no matter how regularly you cook or bake.

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Make it practical. It is vital to design a small kitchen idea that’s functional and practical. It sounds simple, but it can be harder to do. Make sure you have the right appliances that fit within your space and your needs.

Think about the size of your dishwasher. Small kitchen designs do they need a full-sized dishwasher, consider a single drawer dishwasher or 450mm wide, in place of a 600mm wide to save on space.

Consider a two-in-one oven. Save space by purchasing a two-in-one oven and microwave rather than each separately.

Increase in height. Take it to the ceiling to increase the height of your home’s kitchen for maximum storage using tall oversized overhead cabinets and pantries.

Small kitchen design don’ts 

Use cabinets with only shelving. In small kitchens, try not to use cabinets with single shelving. Instead, utilise pull out items like drawers or baskets with specific places for all your kitchen items.

Bunch up accessories or appliances. It’s important to try not to have your cooktop, sink or oven too close together as it’s a health and safety risk. You’ll also want to make sure that your cooktop and tall side panels aren’t too close together either. Otherwise, this could cause a fire risk, and saucepan handles will not be able to fit.

Have cabinets with open shelves. Having thought out storage spaces in your kitchen, rather than open cabinets, will ensure you increase the most valuable space in your kitchen – wall space. The more you fill the wall spaces, the more storage space you’ll have in your home.

Door clashing. When it comes to appliance positions, always ensure that your dishwasher, fridge and or oven can all open freely without hitting one another.


Things not to forget about small kitchen designs 

A small kitchen does not need to limit your kitchen design options. Designing, renovating and or building any small kitchen is an opportunity to get creative thinking outside the square. Just because the kitchen might be small doesn’t mean we need to keep it boring.  

Small kitchen designs for small kitchens can be spacious even when filled with bright colours, veneers, or bold colours. However, an all-white colour kitchen designs with chrome fixtures and stainless steel appliances is something of an everyday Australian kitchen look, one that won’t go out of fashion quickly and, if you’re renovating to sell, will appeal to a much broader market.

You can view our portfolio for design ideas. 

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