Planning your kitchen renovation? Download our Kitchen Renovation Guide everything you need to know for a succesful kitchen renovation.

Cherrybrook’s quiet and leafy back streets, complemented by its great facilities and proximity to the Castle Towers shopping centre is a hotbed of kitchen renovation fever. Little wonder then, Cherrybrook is in high in demand by professionals and their families.

A kitchen renovation is one of the most popular options in Australia when it comes to improving the attractiveness and sale of your home while adding value in the process.

Whether your kitchen renovation is largely cosmetic or a total revamp, it usually earns your money back depending on how effectively you control your kitchen renovation costs.

To ensure you always stay in control of your costs, download our kitchen renovation cost calculator.

5 Value-Creating Kitchen Renovations

For further planning inspiration, download our Kitchen Renovation Design Guide and Checklist. It will provide you with a vital guide to ensuring your kitchen renovation generate a solid return on your investment.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a property investor, here are five ideas for adding value to your home through a kitchen renovation:

  1. Quartz Countertops
  2. Adding A Kitchen Island
  3. Pendant Lighting
  4. Technology Anyone?
  5. Durability

2. Add A Kitchen Island

If you have space a large kitchen island can have a huge impact on your kitchen and its potential value. Cherrybrook has joined Australia’s obsession with home renovation. Renovating an existing kitchen is as much about freshening up the look and making the most of your space as it is installing new appliances.

A kitchen island provides ample food preparation space, plus additional storage. The reverse side of your island should feature drawers where we keep your every day serving plates, mixing bowls, containers, and small appliances.

3. Pendant Lighting

Many existing kitchen designs recessed lights. While they look good adding pendant lights over your kitchen benchtops not only creates focal points, they provide light right where we do the most of your meal preparation. They can also add a distinctive dash of style.

Remember to run your kitchen remodel costs through our kitchen renovation cost calculator!

4. Technology Anyone

Today, you can integrate technology into almost every aspect of your kitchen design to create a tech-oriented theme. Motion detection activated faucets, smart appliances and lighting that you can control from your tablet or smartphone are driving a whole new kitchen aesthetic.

5. Durability

In any kitchen renovation, you should always think about how well your final renovation will age. Hardwood flooring may be chic but it may struggle to survive all that kids and pets throw at it.

When choosing appliances, benchtops and materials factor in favour durability as much as how good it looks. After all, you’re looking to maximize your investment so having to replace flooring, tiling, benchtop surfaces or paint every five years is a drain on your investment.

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