Planning your kitchen renovation? Download our Kitchen Renovation Guide everything you need to know for a succesful kitchen renovation.

Kellyville is a fantastic neighbourhood for parents with young children thanks to its beautiful parks. The downside to Kellyville is its distance from leisure options. This places a premium on flexible home entertaining.

For many of us, our home revolves around our kitchen. Whether cooking, eating or entertaining a beautiful, functional kitchen layout adds to the experience.

So, if you find yourself struggling with a kitchen renovation, focus on form and function as well as the design’s visual appeal. Before you get started, download our Kitchen Renovation Design Guide and Checklist. It’s packed full of inspiration.

Here are 6 kitchen layout bloopers to avoid when creating a practical and elegant kitchen space.

  1. Insufficient Counter Space
  2. Inadequate Storage Space
  3. Not Paying Attention To Your Backsplash Area
  4. Poor Lighting
  5. Woeful Ventilation
  6. Being On Trend

Insufficient Counter Space

A common flaw in many kitchen designs is inadequate counter space. You will want to create as much horizontal surface work area in your kitchen as possible given all the cooking activities you routinely undertake on a countertop, together with the host of contemporary appliances permanently stored there.

And it needn’t blow out your kitchen renovation costs. One simple solution is to include a kitchen island or breakfast bar into an L-shaped kitchen floor plan.

Inadequate Storage Space

Kitchens are usually full of stuff. Then you have odd-shaped appliances such as mixers, juicers and food processors plus all the other gadgets cooks accumulate that need to be tucked safely away. All this puts a premium on storage space.

Little wonder finding a home for all your appliances while keeping them readily accessible can be tricky.

Hence, a major design mistake is inadequate storage. Even small kitchens can have wasted space. However, this can be minimized using clever design during your kitchen renovation planning.

Explore installing extra-tall upper cabinets for additional storage. It’s a sound way to keep your kitchen remodel cost in check. Install cabinets over your refrigerator to optimize space utilisation. Lastly, include shelves across the backs of your lower kitchen cabinet or drawers to your kitchen island.

Not Paying Attention To Your Backsplash Area

All too often, the backsplash drops off the end of your kitchen or remodel budget. Or crisis, it’s left out of your costing completely. This may save some cash in the short term.

Remember all those stovetop oil splatters, grease spills and water has to go somewhere. All that scrubbing and wiping down will be painful in the long run. Placing a backsplash above your counters and cooktop is a clever way of keeping your kitchen sparkling clean!

Poor Lighting

Your kitchen is one area where you can’t afford poor lighting. Good kitchen lighting is a major safety concern, particularly when handling sharp knives and kitchen tools. Plus, the better your kitchen lighting, the easier it is to show off your great food!

Provide each zone in your kitchen with adequate light. Employ lighting directly above all your main working areas. Install pendant lights to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your kitchen design.

Pendant lights look fabulous above kitchen islands, countertops and sinks. Consider under-cabinet lights to provide sufficient lighting on your workspaces.

Woeful Ventilation

A good ventilation system makes cooking and thus dining more pleasant, particularly if your kitchen fronts an entertainment or living area. A high-quality rangehood helps keep your kitchen smelling fresher and cleaner while extending your appliances’ service life.

Being On Trend

Keeping up with kitchen trends may not be a blooper but the latest trendy kitchen designs and top-shelf appliances may prove to be the best choice for Kellyville. Trendy designs and colours come and go, meaning you may never see a return on your kitchen investment. Look for timeless, classic designs and appliances that won’t quickly date.

Whichever option you opt for, stay on top of your kitchen renovation budget with our Kitchen renovation cost calculator.

You can view our Kitchen renovation projects for design ideas. We offer the highest quality customised kitchen renovations.

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