Planning your kitchen renovation? Download our Kitchen Renovation Guide everything you need to know for a succesful kitchen renovation.

High-end appliances, gleaming stainless steel or granite surfaces and designer storage options make for a kitchen fit for even the most demanding foodie.

Increasingly, professional-style kitchens boasting near restaurant-quality fittings and appliances are in demand for those who take their cooking seriously.

One area experiencing a boom on gourmet kitchen installations is Dural. Despite its distance from Sydney’s centre, house prices in Dural remain buoyant.

7 Questions To Ask In Designing Your Gourmet Kitchen

Dural’s serene and tranquil landscape is dotted with houses set in hobby farm surrounds. So, if you’re going to renovate your kitchen, you will need to create a potential foodie haven.

If you are looking for inspiration, download our Kitchen Renovation Design Guide and Checklist now. It will give you those amazing planning ideas you’ve been searching for.

Naturally, you’ll need to manage your gourmet kitchen budget, so take advantage of Hills Kitchen Renovations’ kitchen cost calculator. It will help you make informed budgeting decisions.

Here are five key questions to ask in designing your dream gourmet kitchen:

  1. Is your kitchen the focal point for your entertainment?
  2. How many people cook in your home at any one time?
  3. What kind of dishes do you prepare? Do you typically prep food and clean dishes in the same or separate areas?
  4. What type of appliances do you need access to daily?
  5. Do you bake? If so, what appliances do you routinely use?

A gourmand’s kitchen features easy-to-clean surfaces, is equipped with professional kitchen appliances and has space-saving storage. Your floor plan would typically create separate zones for meal preparation, cooking food, cleaning up and serving guests.

Classic Professional Kitchen Features

Many accomplished amateur chefs prefer professional-grade gas ranges for greater heat control, although many opt for induction cooktops thanks to their rapid heating property and ability to deliver heat directly from the source to the pan.

Similarly, these kitchen designs often feature a double oven with a convection fan to ensure hot air circulates uniformly so food cooks evenly throughout. A warming drawer is increasingly a “Must-Have” feature as this unit protects the food’s moisture, allowing the chef to keep food warm until it is served. Similarly, every cooktop should come with a pop-in griddle.

Set in tandem with a traditional oven a convection microwave doubles as both a reheating unit and an efficient convection oven. Increasingly, these units are being set in a microwave drawer freeing up counter space.

There is a clear trend to including a point-of-use dishwasher drawer set near an entertaining area to manage dirty glassware, allowing the primary dishwasher to be utilized for dishes, saucepans and pots.

Dizzying Choice Of Refrigeration

Today, a stand-alone counter-depth refrigeration unit is de rigueur. Similarly, sleek built-in French-door style refrigerators allow a chef to access their ingredients from left or right while remaining classically elegant.

The freezer drawer option is ergonomic as well as being convenient. A separate refrigerator and freezer installation with dual-compressors keep produce delightfully moist.

You can view our Kitchen renovation projects for design ideas. We offer the highest quality customised kitchen renovations.

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Industrial Chic Surfaces

While stainless steel and granite remain the surfaces of choice for many, quartz surfaces are fast closing the acceptability gap.

Man-made quartz surfaces don’t need sealing and are less porous than natural stones such as granite. This results in superior durability and stain-resistance and come backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Professional Lighting

Pendants that focus light on individual workspaces together with under-cabinet lighting are the professional lighting of choice. They provide exceptional illumination in individual prepping, cooking and cleanup kitchen zones without being overwhelming.

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