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Kitchen Design Guide

Our Kitchen Design Guide is extensive including checklist, finishes, price ranges and tips on a successful kitchen renovation. Start by setting your budget and listing all the things that you want or need in your kitchen. Designing a kitchen is a personal thing everyone is different.

It is vital to consult everyone in the family and take some time to think about what it means to you. Consider removing a wall these are a great way to open up small closed off or tight kitchen areas. Opening up a kitchen allows the kitchen to be interactive with the living areas.

While it can be fun designing a beautiful and functional kitchen, it is not much use if it is not practical. The kitchen these days is a formal space used for connecting with family and preparing food.

How To Design The Perfect Kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of the home – an interactive, multi-functional space where we gather to catch up, connect, enjoy each everyone’s company. A perfect kitchen design thoughtfully considers all of these things to enhance the experience of each moment.

Kitchen Renovation Costs

Kitchen renovation costs vary depending on whether it’s a budget, average or high-end renovation. Budget kitchen renovations with melamine doors and laminate benchtops start from $8,000 including demolition, installation, plumbing and electrical, and go up from there.

High-end renovations with polyurethane doors and engineered stone benchtops start from $16,000 including demolition, installation, plumbing and electrical, and go up from there. These prices are excluding appliances and flooring so your kitchen price can rise.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “How much does a kitchen renovation cost?” In a kitchen renovation, it’s like asking how long a piece of string is with so many options, and it’s impossible to provide an accurate answer. Without first knowing the finer details we can’t give you that answer, either. Still, if you’re looking for basic cost’s and direction before you start getting serious, our design guide has all that information.

Download our kitchen renovation guide to give you a better understanding of our kitchen renovation costs.

What are The Average Kitchen Renovation Costs

The average kitchen renovation costs are not accurate because the averages consider the high and low side paid on kitchen renovations.

These costs don’t factor in any variables; however they can give you a starting point.

These kitchen renovation budget ranges have been broken into three ranges: budget, medium and high-end. These are the starting point based on a small cost of a kitchen renovation in each of these categories, including demolition, installation, plumbing and electrical work is:
1. Budget: $8,000+
2. Medium: $12,000+
3. High-end: $16,000+
The difference in costs is dependent on the materials used in the kitchen.

Planning A Kitchen Renovation 

When it comes to planning a kitchen renovation, a lot of research, thought, time and consideration goes into getting ready for a kitchen renovation.

We have created our kitchen renovation guide to help with this process our guide includes everything to know about a successful kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Renovation Wishlist

We understand it can be quite overwhelming when you start planning a kitchen renovation, and you may find yourself with analysis paralysis.

Compile a wish list of various ideas and specific items you may be considering then once completed breaking this list down into two categories must have and can do without.

This list can include specific appliances, layout types, particular looks, different materials or details. Design a mood board and research what design mistakes to avoid to get a better understanding of what you can achieve and what cant.

This list is a good starting point, and you need to be open and flexible where you can. Be ready to start eliminating ideas that may not fit with your original idea, after you have gathered a better understanding of what you would like the finished kitchen to be.

Kitchen Renovation Layout

With a more detailed brief now in place, consider how you want your kitchen to flow and function with how you use your kitchen and other adjoining rooms.

In our design guide, you find functionality layouts that work for entertaining and day-to-day functionality needs. A well-designed kitchen should be able to cater for any living style. When booking in a design consultation be open to changing some of your initial preconceived ideas.

Kitchen Renovation Finishes

With a kitchen renovation layout now decided, start looking at our materials and finishes which would work best for your design, budget and how they will need to function in our kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Guide

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