Planning your kitchen renovation? Download our Kitchen Renovation Guide everything you need to know for a succesful kitchen renovation.

There are two ways to go with a kitchen renovation. Play it safe and go with a generic design or make your new kitchen reflect your personality and your preferences.

Castle Hill is a very leafy, family-friendly suburb with shopping centres that are to die for. With its demographics skewed firmly towards middle-class families, Castle Hill is a location that accepts a more personal signature on a kitchen renovation.

Dual Work Zones

The hottest new kitchen-space trend is creating dual work zones for multiple cooks. After all, the couple that cooks together stays together! Dedicate a zone for specific tasks such as food prep by adding a second sink.

Happily, you don’t need an enormous kitchen to make this work. Michelin starred restaurant kitchens have a team of chefs working in cramped spaces yet there are few issues as each cook has their own task and workspace.

To avoid congestion widen your island-design space or galley aisle from the standard 106 centimetres to 122 centimetres to allow room for dual cooks. Use our Kitchen renovation cost calculator to check the difference this may make to your budget.

Smart Storage

If you take your cooking seriously, your kitchen should be as efficient as any workshop. You high-use implements should be readily at hand. Pull-out drawers are more space-efficient than traditional cabinets.
Substitute cupboards with open shelves. Consider hanging pots and pans from an overhead rack. Adjust its placement so you can reach your utensils without stretching. And it won’t blow to your kitchen remodel cost out.

Non-Cooks Matter Too!

If your kitchen is more decorative than a creative haven you can still optimise its layout to reflect your preferences. If you entertain frequently include a wide kitchen island to give your guests space to congregate. It also allows for better food display as well as doubling as a great space to serve drinks and nibbles.

If great coffee or fine wine is more your style, ditch the expensive cooking range and oven and splurge on an integrated coffee station or wine fridge into your kitchen design.

Child-Friendly Design

Consider placing your refrigerator on the outer edge of your kitchen, as children will head to it reducing floor traffic in your food preparation area. Also, think durability when picking materials for a family kitchen. Patterned countertops are a savvy choice to conceal everyday messes, while wood grain cabinets hide fingerprints, nicks and scratches more effectively than smooth surfaces.


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