3 Ways To Save Money On Your Kitchen Renovation

Planning your kitchen renovation? Download our Kitchen Renovation Guide everything you need to know for a succesful kitchen renovation.

If you are looking to control those scary costs on your kitchen renovation, use a similar floor plan to your existing one, keep styling choices simple and do a little of the work yourself.

In an area like Beaumont Hills expected to show strong demand thanks to its expanding infrastructure and established services, it’s important to ensure you don’t over-capitalize on your kitchen renovation.

With its peaceful and quiet vibe and neighbourhood spirit, Beaumont Hills represents a sound compromise between larger living spaces and convenient transport. Beaumont Hills’ parkland and walking trails add to its attractiveness.

Avoiding A Kitchen Renovation Calamity

Avoiding A Kitchen Renovation Calamity

While your kitchen may be your home’s most popular area, that doesn’t mean it gets a lot of love. Heavy usage and high foot traffic can leave your kitchen looking tired and outdated. But can you really afford a kitchen renovation?

The cost of a kitchen renovation can vary widely, anything from $10,000 to  $20,000 on average.

One of the smartest ways to manage your kitchen renovation costs is to take advantage of Hills Kitchen Renovations’ kitchen cost calculator. It will bring your budgeting decisions front and centre of your attention.

The Devil Is In The Quotation Detail

To prepare for your kitchen renovation and control its costs, source competitive quotes from at least three kitchen renovation firms. Make sure they provide you with an accurate floor plan and submit a detailed written contract including a list of inclusions and exclusions.

Watch out for contractors who submit a low ballpark estimate without taking the time to carry out a thorough inspection. They may be counting later changes to increase the price.

3 Tips To Save You Money On Your Kitchen Renovation

For inspiration on kitchen renovation options, download our Kitchen Renovation Design Guide and Checklist. It will provide you with fabulous planning ideas and examples of materials that will save you money on your kitchen renovation.

Here are our top 5 all-too-common kitchen renovation mistakes

Avoid making them and you’ll find your kitchen renovation will move smoothly forward to completion.

  1. . Retain Your Existing Floor Plan

If you stick to your current floor plan, your existing plumbing can stay in place. Relocating your kitchen sink could involve ripping up your kitchen floor to move the drain and drilling fresh holes for your water supply. The same rule of thumb applies to electricity and gas appliances. Moving major appliances can add a day or so of labour to your renovation budget.

  1. Simple Wins

If you’re fitting new cupboards and drawers opt for stock models or ready-to-assemble kits rather than a custom design. Resist the temptation of dropping in countertop garages and drawer dividers. Fabulous as these options are, they add to your costs when you’re trying to stick to a budget.

Similarly, when renewing your appliances, look for mass-market products rather than the top of the line professional-grade alternatives. Try seconds or discount outlets rather than speciality appliance stores.

  1. Do Some Heavy Lifting

If you have the knowledge, tools, time and energy you can do some aspects of your kitchen renovation yourself. This can help trim your costs. Handle the removal of those old appliances, countertops or cabinets to slim your labour and removal costs.

Pick up materials yourself rather than incurring delivery fees. Paint your kitchen door, walls and window frames yourself rather than bringing in contractors.

Ensure you share your DIY assumptions with potential contractors to ensure they are comfortable leaving some elements of the renovation to you.

You can view our Kitchen renovation projects for design ideas. We offer the highest quality customised kitchen renovations.

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